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Shaker Grey

The Grey Shaker Cabinets, Best described as detached and neutral. It gives a firm yet appealing finish to kitchens. 


The Color of Intelligence and Wisdom, The Grey Ascent tends to pair well with White which creates a Unique fusion of tones.

It’s Classic, The Timeless and Unending White Style of Cabinets, Complement almost anything in your kitchen.


The Smooth look, Open’s up spaces in your
kitchen that creates an illusion of it being Bigger
than smaller.


You can’t go wrong choosing White. For anyone looking for the Simple yet elegant finish to their kitchens.

White Shaker


The Espresso Cabinets, can stand out by being able to balance out bold and bright colors. It is both Contemporary and Modern.


Espresso Style, is Versatile in , practical and tends to pull home buyer’s that find the  color vibrant and calming.


By adding the right decorations and accessories it gives an inviting sight, Especially when paired with white or cool shades of Green, blue, red and silver.

Navy Blue Cabinets, Timeless and Stylish. The Navy trend has come back to line Because of the Sleek finish it brings to every kitchen.


The Deep Vibrance it brings is calming It also compliments other trending shaker styles. This is best paired with Gold or Silver Bar Handles.

Navy Shaker

Shaker Collections

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